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Parents or Prisons Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Parents or Prisons - Essay ExampleThis paper would be dealing with. Morse’s arguments in three points. First, the article stated some news reporting the dumping of a dismembered body by two boys. Such news is common even before because the crime appeals to sensationalism that makes the reading public buy newspapers. Grisly accounts of murders, whether or not involving parents is common since ancient times. Then, the news article was linked by Ms. Morse to the budget cuts imposed by city Mayors except for the Department of Corrections. Apparently, the article missed to establish the main reasons why budget spending for prisons were not part of said budget cuts. The Department of Corrections spending needs to be increased simply because the increasing rate of population also produces a higher incidence of criminality. This doesn’t mean that majority of the crimes can be attributed to juvenile delinquency as caused by children from single-parent homes. There are many factors why the Bureau of Corrections has to increase spending which the author failed to explain. Instead, the news reports were directly correlated to incidence of juvenile delinquency which lacked substantial evidence. Second, the article cited some studies that link mental illness and single parents.


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